GIR Store is a furniture showroom in New Belgrade, opened by one of the largest exporters of solid timber furniture in the Balkan region, GIR factory from Kraljevo.

The object of the given brief was to create multi-functional space where visitors could not only view and purchase furniture but also stimulate their creativity and learn more about the process of manufacturing solid wood furniture. The wood in itself as well as factory served as main source of inspiration. The way workers move throughout production space, tools that are being used, mobility of elements that keeps the process run smoothly – all of these aspects were employed to build the concept of the space.

Simplified spatial layout and a neutral colour palette serve to put exhibited timber furniture in the focus. A journey through the space starts with so-called experience zone where visitors can learn about furniture’s life cycle, from forestation to the final product, and encounter wood in its most various forms. Double-height experience zone is marked by white curtains that provide transformability of the space, segregating and focusing on what’s inside or opening and connecting to other realms in the showroom.

On the opposite side, occupying other double-height zone, steel spiral staircase appears as a sculptural element leading the way to the gallery of the showroom. Strolling through the space, one finds itself ending up chatting, connecting and engaging, not only with the space, but also with people.

New Belgrade, Serbia
Relja Ivanić

OFFICE@AUTORI.RS +381649197634