After almost 15 years in practice, we finally set off on an adventure of making our own work space, shaped and tailored to our team’s specific needs and daily activities.

For this occasion, a 1920s historic apartment was renovated and transformed into a space that speaks for studio’s philosophy and future direction, while also making a stimulating and relaxing work setting.

What came as a formal result is a clean space composed of enlarged elements and furniture pieces, laid-out on a neutral soft background of natural clay walls, highlighted with black details and endless play of ever-changing light that is brought in the space through reflective surfaces. A pair of large-scale pivot mirror doors both connecting and separating entrance, working area and a conference room appear as a key spatial element, offering a fresh new perspective each time they are rotated.

Once inside the office, the hectic buzz of city center disappears for a while, and you are free to immerse yourself in exploring the space itself and the way it changes throughout the day.

Breaking the sleekness of the whole and as an homage to the buildings lively and rich history, a small model making workshop appears in all its contrast, with original window frames and hardwood floor painted in black.

When it comes to furniture, most of it was designed by our studio and carried out by our collaborators, giving us an opportunity to see these objects come to life and at the same time test our work, by living with and around it.

Somewhere in-between studio, modern office and gallery, the space offers a variety of different scenarios to take place within it. We wanted to embrace an idea of blank, almost gallery like space, which serves as an invitation for projects and activities to come and objects to be filled with throughout time.

Belgrade, Serbia
Relja Ivanić

OFFICE@AUTORI.RS +381649197634